About Us

BaderOya Oilfield Services is established with a noble vision to add value in economic performance of Libya. To sum it up, our aim is to provide excellence of our knowledge and wide range of proven expertise to rebuild a nation.


Apart from engaging ourselves in business activities to increase Libya’s economic activities, we are dedicated to deliver our expertise & technical know-how based on the years of experience to our countrymen and to the next generation of Libya.


Our trademarks are four core competences, and we utilize each of them for our customer’s success.


Yet it is first and foremost the outstanding combination of these that makes us stand out from our competitors and allows us to translate our ideas into successful projects.


At the same time, each project comes with its own new challenges. The solutions are anchored in our competence set.




For our projects line, we operate as the general contractor developing projects from the very beginning. The basis is formed by our customer’s requirements and options in their respective countries.




For our projects, we bring together wide range of professionals and by coordinating on how all these individuals interact; we safeguard the high quality of services we create together.




Our flexible well developed organization abroad with its active networks and professional systems, help us to react spontaneously to the requirements of complex projects.




All of our services depend upon deep understanding of complex activities and integration of state of the art technologies. Our competence lies in minimizing the

complexity of associated processes for our customers.


Based on these Core-Competences and Quality Management principles, all parts of BaderOya are organized and motivated to think and act as to promote and apply quality rules and procedures in activities such as: Organization of the Company, Clear working sequences, Optimization of the quality costs and Competition capability. Furthermore, it is ensured that the quality requirements of BaderOya’s Clients will be fulfilled including the adoption of the leading edge market competition is taken into account.





Our Strategic Vision is to become “Leading Oilfield Services Provider in Libya”




To achieve our Strategic Vision, we define our mission as “to continuously focus on building and developing motivational and functional organizational structure while improving our operational excellences and building strong but long-term relations with our clients.




We serve customers in the upstream sector (exploration and production) as well as the downstream sector (refining and processing into end products). We carry out design, basic and detailed engineering, handle the procurement of plant components and deal with the plant construction itself as well as the commissioning of power plants and components.


Quality Control is an important part of our work in every phase of plant construction. After completion, we are able to provide recruiting services for manpower and engineering staff. We are often linked with our customers over long period of time.


The company applies of an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 and IS0 14000. Furthermore, the company with its management is in the process of getting internationally recognized ISO and other Quality Management Certifications.


The management team prides itself based on previous professional relations and continuous cooperation with the local and foreign key leaders in Libyan Oil & Gas Industries.


BaderOya is dedicated to implement in its organization the most up-to-date international standards, methods of experiences in project management which serves as a guarantee of the highest quality of the services offered.



Our staffs are Engineers skill workers, semi skill, and unskilled worker, as listed below:


  • QA/QC Engineer
  • HSE Engineer
  • Mech/Engineer
  • Tech/Engineer
  • Plant Engineer
  • Supervisor
  • Foreman
  • Welders tig and Smaw
  • Pipefitters
  • Steel carpenters
  • Insulators
  • Blaster and Painters
  • Mechanical Helpers
  • Civil wood carpenters
  • Civil Mason
  • Civil steel fixer
  • General Helpers
  • D engine mechanics Technicians
  • Car body repairs
  • Ac /Technician
  • Electrical technician
  • Instrument Technician
  • Piping Engineering Design
  • D. Operators
  • D Drivers



Furthermore, BaderOya Oilfield Services have some third party Companies as Technical Partners working together in order to be able to offer full package of services to our clients.

These Third Party Companies are:      

  • T.I.C – Specialized on Welding inspection by shouting X-ray films, and all others NDT test for welding construction.
  • B.E.C.A. – Specialized on Welding inspection by shouting X-ray films, and all others NDT test for welding construction.
  • WPS – Recruitment Agency, recruiting Thai employees.


BaderOya Oilfield Services has integrated the Group Experiences in Construction and Maintenance Activities and able to provide a complete Services and solutions for Oil & Gas Industries.


The Company has become an Organization that can cope with challenges such as increased competition and market volatility while providing high quality services with strong commitments to clients.


BaderOya Oilfield Services diverse backgrounds have staff that can assist clients with Engineering Design, Detailed Design, Procurement, Project Management and Maintenance Services. We can offer also complete services in overhauling Rotating Engine gas or diesel.


Company Staff and the Owners have significant experience working in the Oil & Gas Industry in Libya and other countries.