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Non-Smoking Policy Statement

BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy is committed to understand Customer’s expectations and managing the business processes to achieve high quality of Services and Products in compliance with relevant HSE laws, legislation and other relevant standards utilizing the following policies and commitments.
Smoking Policies

HSEQ Policies

Non-Smoking policy statement

BaderOya Oilfield Services and Energy (BOS) provides outstanding products and services that meet customer expectations and requirements. We operate with passionate focus on Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental (QHSE) responsibility, and advanced information systems. We promote a culture of teamwork, compliance, and continual improvement.

BOS is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and others working on its behalf as well as eliminating passive smoking from its premises. BOS has recognized that smoking is a contributor and escalator to hazardous situations and conditions in increasing the probability of risk of fire in all areas of the BOS premises and medical ailments to personnel who smoke and to others who are subjected to it passively.

The objective of this Policy seeks to guarantee the right of all to breathe air free of tobacco smoke, protect everyone against the effects of passive smoke and comply with national and international smoke-free legislation, and protect the BOS sites from increased risk of fire.

All employees shall be aware of the following mandatory requirements in the implementation of this policy:

  1. Smoking is prohibited within all offices, conference rooms, kitchens, toilets, common and work areas.
  2. Wherever smoking is a significant safety risk, for example in Fuel Storage Tank areas, the area shall be clearly marked with “No Smoking” signs in both English and Arabic.
  3. Appropriate No-Smoking signage shall be displayed prominently in all Company premises and vehicles, to inform employees, and all others of the “smoke-free” Status.
  4. Smoking, when permitted, shall be restricted within a “Designated Smoking Area”. Smoking is strictly forbidden out of designated smoking Area.
  5. BOS Managers are required to organize regular discussion sessions with their staff to enforce the compliance with this Policy and to ensure that signage is disseminated in all locations.

QHSE and Risk Manager must ensure that this Policy is circulated to all employees to be made aware of and comply with and any Non-compliance with this No-Smoking Policy shall result in disciplinary action being taken.

Any amendments to this policy resulting from annual reviews, is to be widespread and well introduced to all interested parties including employees, contractors, and available, on request.