An established stakeholder in Libyan Oil & Gas Industry

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Who we are?

BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy

Welcome to BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy, your reliable and dependable partner for all things related to oil and gas infrastructure. Since our establishment in 2012, we have been committed to offering top-notch services that cater to various sectors within the petroleum industry, such as oil storage tank and pipeline construction, maintenance and repair, procurement and supply chain services, among others.


BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy prides itself on delivering results on time, at high quality levels, and above all we make safety our top priority. As one of the leading providers of pipeline and crude oil storage construction solutions in Libya, we offer unmatched expertise and a passion for exceeding expectations.

Our team specializes in providing a skilled and experienced global workforce for your crucial Libyan Oil & Gas construction projects.

Since our establishment in 2013, we’ve been dedicated to completing projects with success through the highest standards in engineering and management practices.

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Why we your best option in Libya?

Here's a glimpse into what sets us apart

In everything we do, from creating effective solutions to understanding the complexities of projects, we approach problems with a fresh perspective. By thinking critically and strategically, we can transform obstacles into opportunities for finding finest solutions.

Reason #1

industry leadership

Our dedicated team brings a wealth of knowledge and decades of proven industrial experience.

Reason #2

Proven Track Record

From planning to execution, we proudly boast a 100% track record of completing projects within budget and schedule constraints.

Reason #3

Environmental Protection

As responsible corporate citizens, we prioritize sustainability and actively promote green initiatives.

Reason #4

Commitment to Safety

Ensuring the wellbeing of our employees, contractors, and communities remains a core value at BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy.

Reason #5

client satisfaction

Our goal is simple – build lasting relationships based on mutual respect and delivering exceptional results time after time.


our commitments

At BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy, we are always striving to push boundaries and drive growth for ourselves and our clients. We accomplish this through our commitment to:

Continuous improvement

continuous improvement

Project Management

Project management

Healthy corporate culture

healthy corporate culture


By fostering these values, BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy has become synonymous with dependability, honesty, and integrity. 

Fostering values
These principles underpin all aspects of our organization, including our interactions with clients, suppliers, shareholders, and colleagues. They form the foundation of BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy’s professional reputation and guide every decision we make.