An established stakeholder in Libyan Oil & Gas Industry

Strategic Statements

Who we are?

strategic statements

At BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy, our goal is to prevent disruptions to production by ensuring everything runs smoothly from pipeline to power generator.
Strategic Statements

Who we are?

Strategic statements


BaderOya Oilfield Services and Energy (BOS) Strategy is to listen and understand the need of Customer to conceptualize the solution in collaboration with them. Our integrated team work seamlessly to execute the solution complying with local and international standards and regulations and respecting the quality, health, safety, and environment.

Successful execution of EPC projects, Design, Construction, Procurement, Operations and Maintenance, Energy Services, Manpower Supply, New Pipelines, Trunk Line, Oil Tanks, and Infrastructure for Oil and Gas Sector is measured against the following key factors:

  • Zero Incidents or Accidents. Health, Safety, Security and Environment is of paramount importance.
  • Zero Defects. Quality Assurance and Control, a series of quality checks to capture issues early.
  • On Time and within Budget.


We strive to be recognized as “Leading Oilfield and Energy Services Provider in EPC projects, Design, Construction, Procurement, Operations and Maintenance, Energy Services, Manpower Supply, New Pipelines, Trunk Line, Oil Tanks, and Infrastructure for Oil and Gas Sector”


We endeavor to conduct business in a transparent manner adhering to the international standards and best practices and developing motivational and functional organizational structure while improving our operational excellences and building strong but long-term relations with our clients. We support our customers in enhancing profitability without compromising on Quality Health, Safety and Environment.


  • Fairness
  • Flexibility
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Social Responsibility


BOS provides outstanding products and services that meet customer expectations and requirements. We operate with a passionate focus on QHSE IMS responsibility, and optimized information systems. We foster a culture of teamwork, compliance, and continual improvement.

BOS employees have an instilled culture of compliance, cooperation, and continual improvement communicated through our Vision, Values, Mission, Policy Statement, Objectives, Team Principles, and tenets. BOS Top management ensures adequate resource and leadership is in place to support QHSE IMS initiatives as well as ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Top management is committed to:

  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of illness, reduction of risks and elimination of known hazards.
  • Consulting with and involving all workers in development of the QHSE IMS.
  • Sound environmental stewardship through pollution prevention, waste minimization and conservation of natural resources.
  • Ensure employees and anyone working under its direction are aware of business compliance requirements.
  • Compliance with our QHSE IMS and will ensure its ongoing effectiveness.


  • To be the recognized leader in EPC projects, Design, Construction, Procurement, Operations and Maintenance, Energy Services, Manpower Supply, New Pipelines, Trunk Line, Oil Tanks, and Infrastructure for Oil and Gas Sector by upholding the values of fairness, honesty, and integrity, loyalty, flexibility, and Social Responsibility, complying with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 450001:2018 and in accordance with the relevant specifications, standards of QHSE legislation.
  • Providing client with high quality product and service in a manner that is both safe and sustainable, which enhances the BOS’s reputation with clients.
  • The requirements of the Client will be determined, reviewed, and monitored from (Proposal) tender stage to final completion of the project.
  • Financially stable in the interest of all interested parties, by analyzing customer feedback data, internal performance data, financial performance data and business performance data to ensure that our QHSE IMS objectives are being meet.

Business Objectives

BOS management believes it is important to establish business objectives at the beginning of each year to meet targeted business obligations and to drive continual improvement within their disciplines. Objectives are consistent with strategic business direction, relevant customer and project needs, and industry requirements and regulations. Objectives are documented and communicated to Top management and BOS employees.

BOS Principles and Tents

As part of our One Team culture BOS Top management provides tenets and guiding principles to encourage best practice in all aspects of our business. These tenets are shared with all BOS employees and are available to our customers.


  • Leadership: Always lead by example.
  • Positive Approach: Focus on issue, process, or behavior.
  • Teamwork: Practice skills to encourage, listen, challenge, commit and deliver.
  • Relationships: Foster positive relationships with customers and co-workers.
  • Improvement: Drive compliance and continual improvement in every aspect of the business.

BOS Quality Tents

  • Stop Work: If quality is in question, report it.
  • Don’t Accept or Pass Defects: Check quality before work; verify after.
  • Process Compliance: Use only calibrated tools and equipment; only use certified suppliers.
  • System Compliance: Use formal quality and document control systems to capture data and information.
  • Use standard process and ensure compliance: Track and trend to deliver continual improvement.
  • Product Compliance: Ensure customer requirements, industry standards and engineering specifications are followed.

BOS Safety Tents

  • Stop Work: If safety is in question, report it.
  • Know Your Job: Wear designated PPE.
  • Take 5: Organize and plan your work.
  • Right Tool for the Job: Use correct and certified tools.
  • Recognize and Report: Eliminate, guard, or identify hazards.

BOS Health Tents

The main principles of health are listed below and can easily integrate them into our everyday lives when we want it. These five principles of health give us a long, healthy, and happy life:

  • Healthy diet,
  • No drugs (alcohol, smoking, drugs, eating too much),
  • Regular exercise,
  • Adequate rest
  • Positive thinking.

BOS Environmental Tents

  • Stop Work: Prevent pollution. Protect the environment.
  • Know your Waste Streams: Store and dispose of waste properly.
  • Monitor and minimize: Be mindful of impacts to air, land, and water.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Minimize waste production throughout daily processes.
  • Recognize and Report: Eliminate, guard or control concerns.

BOS Safety Tents

  • Stop Work: Protect information. Prevent data loss. Verify source and recipient.
  • Prevent Access: Never share your password. Keep your PC locked when unattended.
  • Protect Information: Never leave confidential information unattended.
  • Report Information Security Risks: Report suspicious emails, virus threats or IT systems misuse.
  • Avoid Data Loss: Always back-up information to the network drive.

* For IT requests, email:

BOS Trademarks

Our trademarks are four core competences, and we utilize each of them for our customer’s success. Yet it is first and foremost the outstanding combination of these that makes us stand out from our competitors and allows us to translate our ideas into successful projects. At the same time, each project comes with its own new challenges. The solutions are anchored in our competence set.

  • Project Development.
  • Integration of Experts.
  • Project Management.
  • Integration of Systems.

BOS Certified Activities

  • Oil and Gas, EPC Projects, engineering design and consultancy, Pipeline Construction, General Maintenance Services, Tank Repair and Re-construction.
  • Supply the Oil & Gas Industry with integrated Group Experiences in Construction and Maintenance Activities and able to provide a complete Services and solutions for Oil and Gas Industries.
  • Oil and Gas Fields, Services and Utilities
  • Training on the Development of Personal Competencies
  • Heavy Machines and Machinery Repairing and Maintenance
  • Marketing Management
  • Procurements Management (Supply, Storage and Transport).

Our aim is to provide excellence of our knowledge and wide range of proven expertise to rebuild a nation and to deliver our expertise and technical know-how based on the years of experience to our countrymen and to the next generation of Libya.

Any amendments to this Strategy resulting from annual reviews, is to be widespread and well introduced to all interested parties including employees, contractors, and available, on request.