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Procurement Services

Our procurement team serves as a critical link between various internal stakeholders at BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy and external partners in delivering high-quality projects safely.

Procurement Services


Procurement Services

BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy’s procurement department plays an important role in supporting the proposal engineers by assisting in preparing technical and commercial proposals for clients. It works closely to gather relevant information such as product specifications, pricing, lead times, and delivery terms. This ensures that accurate and competitive bids are submitted on time.

In addition to supporting the bid process, at BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy the procurement team works closely with the construction business unit to ensure that all necessary materials and equipment are sourced and delivered on schedule. BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy’s procurement department maintains relationships with suppliers and contractors, negotiate prices and delivery terms, issue purchase orders, track shipments, and resolve any issues that may arise during transit. In summary, our procurement department’s goal is to minimize disruptions and delays while maximizing the value for BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy’s customers.

One key objective of the procurement team is to create a centralized repository of technical data and commercial offers from suppliers. This includes vendor catalogs, price lists, specification sheets, warranties, safety certifications, and environmental compliance reports. By consolidating this information into one easily accessible system, BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy’s procurement department improves efficiency and reduce duplication of effort within the organization.

Other teams, including design engineering, project management and logistics rely heavily on this procurement database to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.