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Security & Safety Policies

HSEQ Policies

Security Policy Statement

BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy is committed to understand Customer’s expectations and managing the business processes to achieve high quality of Services and Products in compliance with relevant HSE laws, legislation and other relevant standards utilizing the following policies and commitments.
Security & Safety Policies

HSEQ Policies

Security policy statement

BaderOya Oilfield Services and Energy (BOS) provides outstanding products and services that meet customer expectations and requirements. We operate with a passionate focus on Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) responsibility, and advanced information systems. We promote a culture of teamwork, compliance, and continual improvement.

It is the policy of the BOS to provide a secure working environment by establishing and maintaining the required security measures to prevent unlawful acts, that endanger the safety and security of persons, equipment, assets, resources, and information in the workplace, in conformity and compliance with all applicable national and international laws and aligned to QHSE IMS policy, in addition to military security services and other relevant standards utilizing the following principles and commitments.

  1. All employees will keep secure items entrusted to them of equipment, assets, passwords, documents, official passes, or items of information.
  2. Employ and implement Security Systems as part of BOS QHSE IMS. This system will be aligned to Industry standards and based on the security threat level and risk assessment.
  3. Protect and prevent loss or damage to its core business from internal or external sources. Also, to provide suitable and sufficient equipment and resources to monitor BOS premises with the objective of implementing sound security standards and procedures.
  4. Ensure all personnel are aware of their responsibilities and are properly trained to undertake them diligently, and continuous development and enhancement of the BOS’s employees’ soft skills.
  5. Security culture will be encouraged by the Top Management in providing a workplace or atmosphere where all employees, and others always feel safe and secure. No individual will be expected or forced to work in unsecured working where a risky condition is known.
  6. Conduct regular audits and periodic Management Reviews to monitor and assess security performance, the results of all such audits and reviews shall be recorded including details of the review findings, its conclusion, and any recommendations, which shall be submitted to Top management who shall have the responsibility for the implementation of any system change.

The overall responsibility for compliance with the security principles lay within the Top Management. Implementation of these principles is delegated to all employees and others working on behalf of BOS whether on company premises or carrying out business elsewhere. In addition, the BOS recognizes its responsibilities for clients or partners whilst working on BOS premises.

Any amendments to this policy resulting from annual reviews are to be widespread and well introduced to all interested parties including employees, and contractors, and available, on request.