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Drugs Abuse Policy

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Substance Abused Policy Statement

BaderOya Oilfield Services & Energy is committed to understand Customer’s expectations and managing the business processes to achieve high quality of Services and Products in compliance with relevant HSE laws, legislation and other relevant standards utilizing the following policies and commitments.
Drug Abuse Policies

HSEQ Policies

Substance Abused policy statement

BaderOya Oilfield Services and Energy (BOS) provides outstanding products and services that meet customer expectations and requirements. BOS operate with a strict Substance Abuse Policy, about proscribed substances, at all its Premises and where the business is conducted. BOS defines a proscribed substance as any hallucinogenic, narcotic, stimulant, depressive or other substance that may alter an individual’s state of mind and/or affect their physical or mental performance.

All BOS employees, Sub-contractors and others working on the behave of or for BOS, must be aware that it is against the law in Libya to be in possession of alcohol and prohibited drugs and any person impaired using alcohol, controlled substances or drugs is prohibited from entering BOS Premises or engaging in BOS business during or outside normal working hours.

This policy shall be aimed to mitigate possible impacts on the business from substance abuse that have a detrimental effect on the health and safety of individuals and co-workers and any employee. To guarantee full compliance, the following measures must be respected:

  1. The possession, consumption or distribution of drugs or misuse of other substances is prohibited inside BOS premises. Only controlled use of medicines is admitted under strict medical prescription and with official BOS Management authorization.
  2. The possession and/or consumption of alcohol on BOS premises is prohibited. No exceptions.
  3. Any suspicion of an employee is intoxicated whilst on duty or present in a work area, BOS shall request a comprehensive medical examination, including alcohol breath screen to be conducted. If an employee refuses to be subject to medical examination, he/she will be directly considered under the influence of alcohol or drugs in accordance with Libyan laws.
  4. The BOS reserves the right to operate a random search and testing program for drugs and alcohol at work location during work hours in a non-discriminatory, random basis, to enforce this policy.
  5. It is the responsibility of all employees to report to their manager anyone demonstrating unusual behavior or openly taking drugs or alcohol on any Premises being operated by BOS.

BOS will ensure that all personnel are aware of their responsibilities and are properly trained to undertake them diligently, and any violation of any of the above statements constitutes a serious offence which may result in disciplinary actions being taken against the offending staff.

Any amendments to this policy resulting from its annual reviews are to be widespread and well introduced to all employees and available, on request, to others and the public.