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12” To 8” Crude Oil Pipeline Replacement Project (Kot - Mog)

Installation Of New Fiscal Metering System at Amal Field (Hoo)

New Installation Of 6611 Kv Substation (Mechanical and Electrical Work) In Kikla (Gecol)

New Oil Well Connections and Tie-Ins to Existing Facilities @ Kk-6 (Mog)

Replacement of Flow Lines & Trunk Lines at A100 bu Atiffel Field (MOG)

Replacement Of Flow Lines & Trunk Lines At A100 Buatiffel Field – Contract 396 (LCM- MOG)

Tank Farm Piping Replacement (Hoo)

Tank Maintenance (WAHA)

Tie-In Of New Esp Well B-117 & B-118 To Station 2 At Amal Field (HOO)

Vessels Maintenance (WAHA)

Wells Flow Lines Replacement and Repair at Ghani Field (HOO)


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